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About Us

We [Digital Soft Solutions] are digital team to serve technically and socially in different sectors towards digitization [digital world]. Our goal is to provide authentic in formation [like-technical article, interview answer question and company reviews as well] and some useful services which makes life much easier [like-come with us and make your organization (like-College, School, Stores and Companies)] digital at very lowest efforts and time that can be accessible from anywhere and anytime as per your need. For more detail please visit our Service Section.

Our services are categories into two sections

     1.1 Web-site:- Own dependent dynamic [CMS-Content Management System] website [Free] which can be manageable [able to modify/delete your website content] by any technical or non-technical person very quickly and easily using admin panel [which is given by us to the concern person (you)].

     1.2 Web-site:- Same Website as mention above [point no-1] with same feature but independent in nature which is not free.

     2.1 Product:- School Management System [SMS ]

     2.2 Product:- Employee Management System [EMS]

     2.3 Product:- Inventory Management System [IMS]